The Chicken Ninja

  • The Red Apple Barn

    One thing that has been strange about moving and homeschooling all at once has been the last of kids for DS to play with. We are working to meet ne...
  • Resaca Battlefield history lesson

    With all this Corona virus crap going on, Steven and I discussed very early on what we would do in regards to returning to school for 1st grade. DS...
  • Matching my Mini Me!

    A review on a couple fun and easy clothes patterns I bought for matching outfits with BabyM!
  • Surprise!!! Hotel living!

    Writing at 1AM from a hotel room after an INSANE week.
  • A New Beginning

    A new beginning for the family and not at all what I envisioned daily life would be in my thirties. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, moving to beyond rural Georgia and loving life homesteading and farming has given quite the life story so far. Hopefully my kids will be able to read this later and appreciate everything I went through for them, to give them the best opportunities in life.