A New Beginning

This past month has been one of chaos I never thought I'd repeat. Selling the farm with a new baby and a 6 year old, moving across the state and becoming a stay at home, home schooling mom without a designed way to create my own income has been intimidating. So I figured I'd invite everyone on my journey of adapting.

So let me introduce myself and our family. My name is Jennifer and with my husband Steven, we have 2 beautiful children, 4 dogs, a handful of chickens, quail and a huge number of goals. Up to a month ago we also had Scottish Highland Cattle, horses, goats, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and hogs on our nearly 18 acre farm in Greene County, GA. Needless to say, it has been a huge adjustment saying goodbye to our animals and it still hurts a bit in the gut to think about. Our goal was to be mostly self sufficient for food, and often times, we even paid for work in meat! After Baby M was born, we really started to look at how much time (and energy) we spent with the kids and lightening the chore load became a priority, so we began the search for a new home.

Initially we looked to the mountains but would still be far away from our other family here in Georgia, like my father in law. We decided to look closer to his area and found this little piece of land and home that will do for now. Making the move though, removed our main source of active income, brooding (baby rearing) chickens. While Steven chose to return to Real Estate (more on that later with a sappy story included), I almost by default became the home maker and home schooler. With all this Covid crap going on, we wanted to provide consistency for our son. Knowing that schools would be in person one week and digital the next, and that he would have to wear a mask ALL day long (so not healthy for a growing mind or kid who always has hands in his face), we made the decision to home school. I meticulously pieced together a over the top curriculum for a 6 year old and so far we both have been enjoying the extra time together. 

Promptly after moving in and half way unpacking, we had 2 toilets clog and overflow. Whoever designed this place with the AC vents in the floor next to the toilets needs to have their architecture license revoked. More on this to come of course as we get the insurance adjuster out and the repairs done, I promise it won't be boring. 

The one thing I have desperately missed this past month has been sewing. My fabric was one of the things I packed up relatively early because I knew I would be tempted to start a quilt or dress I wouldn't have time to finish all at once. So finally, 3 weeks after closing on our new home, I have begun to unpack the last room, my sewing room. I have to share with the schooling area, but I did that purposely to be able to lock the kids out during non-school times. 

Over the past 3 years, I have had some pretty outrageous stories and and adventures happen so I guess this is kinda my way of wanting to write it all down for the kids, and so someday I can see a 'legacy' even though it won't be the legacy I had imagined. Thanks for coming along for the ride!