Matching my Mini Me!

I was so excited to get sewing again, that I jinxed it! The day before the water damage remediation started (before we knew there was mold) I bought a couple adorable patterns, and dug out a lilac flower knit fabric from the moving box and started on a super soft maxi dress with nursing access. I think it would have been a sin if I didnt plan for a matching outfit for Baby M so got to cutting and sewing while DS-L was doing his school work.  

I am relatively new to sewing in general but both of my grandmothers were extremely experienced and made clothing on a regular basis. One even made wedding dresses! About 2 years ago i figured its in my jeans so wanted to try my hand at it. At first I only made things i needed. I started with a gathering Harvest apron like these for gathering my chicken eggs, and chicken saddles like these for my girls when the boys got a little.... ummm... excited. Then I started making decorations for our wedding! that was a fun adveture and I learned alot of technique from it as well as making my first quilts. 

Last christmas-time while I was pregnant with babyM, I decided I wanted to start learning to work with knit fabric since it is the softest fabric for making baby clothes and who doesnt like one of a kind, hand made designer clothes for their baby to poop and spit up on? With some christmas money I bought a serger machine and Im SOOOO happy I did! It makes clothes come together in a snap and Ive even heard of people quilting with it!.  While pregnant  i made a couple easy dresses and sleeper gowns as test runs and they came out very cute. 

The patterns i picked for my first dress for myself and grow with me romper for babyM came from etsy and pinterest.  I picked this dress pattern simply because of the piece for the nursing access. With DS-L, we nursed until he was about 2.5 years old and have high hopes with Baby M too so need to build up an easy access, but still private wardrobe. I also liked the different length options on the skirt and sleeves. For BabyM, she is growing SO fast, i like choosing clothes that will grow a bit with her, not to mention fit a cloth diaper on her bum. This time I made  3-6 month size, but will size up from now on to give more room to grow, and fit her cloth diaper too. 

For my dress, I picked the knee length skirt and elbow length sleeves because I was not sure how much fabric the pattern really called for. I couldnt find that information within the download so went with trial by error. TUrns out I had JUST enough of the lilac flower fabric to make the two with maroon top for me, and accents for BabyM. YAY! we cut everything out on the dinner table since my sewing room wasnt 100% set up yet at DS-L was able to get schoolwork done at the same time independently, ya for progress!

I thought I would make my dress first since that was the priority, but the Grow with me Romper came together so quick it was amazing. Keep in mind, im wrangling 2 kids at the same time as trying to sew these! The directions were very straight forward on my dress and I think that the only thing ill change next time on my dress will be instead of using traditional pins, ill use wonder clips to hold the sleeve pieces while I serge them on. The only part I didnt use the surger for was a top stitch across the chest band, which I could probably do without if neccessary. I tried to remember to take step by step photos but got too excited sometimes and just kept moving to the next step. Maybe Ill get a video next time so you can see how simple it came together.

I possibly have enough fabric to make her the next size up romper too, but will add snaps to the legs for easy diaper changes next time. Its not the most convenient having to completely undress a wiggly 4 month old for a diaper change. Looking forward to trying these add ons though and ill let ya know how they go once I regain control of my sewing room!