Surprise!!! Hotel living!

I don't even really know where to begin with everything that is on my mind. The quick run down is, that 3 weeks after moving into our new house, we have moved out again. after remodeling the farm when we moved in, I swore id never live through another one so when we were looking for a home, I had 2 requirements. 1. Move in ready. 2. I could have chickens. Come to find out this house was NOT move in ready.

The first week after closing on the purchase we spent a great deal of time to rid the house of the smoke smell that the previous owners had left behind. The day I went over with the deep cleaners, the sellers were still moving out (after closing and after time we were supposed to have possession) AND she was smoking in the house while she was moving stuff out! Here nor there, we moved forward. Once we got *MOST* of the smoke smell out, we started to notice a musty smell but figured it was from the smoke residue so I arraigned for a company to come clean the air ducts. While waiting for our scheduled duct cleaning, we had not 1, but 2 of the 3 toilets get clogged and overflow!! Whoever was in charge of the architecture of this mobile home should have their architecture degree revoked. WHY on earth would you put an AC duct on the floor between a toilet and shower?! From the kitchen, Steven heard water running and was able to stop it as soon as possible at least! 

A few days later when the guys arrived to clean the AC ducts, they promptly told us that there was more water than we expected in the ducts and it would need HVAC repair instead. The rest of the day was consumed with calls to the Septic guy, who told me I needed a plumber instead, the plumber told me I needed bigger toilets to keep this from happening in the future and the Insurance company said they would send out the adjuster to get a claim started. What a headache all in one day. We got a dehumidifier to start helping to get rid of the moisture (even though it didn't really help). Once we got the adjuster out and sorted, we had the (amazing) guys from Servicemaster out to do an estimate, get approved and started on the work! YAY! Well, while they started taking out the wet flooring in the kids bathroom (the first to overflow) they also took out the toilet and vanity. We were hoping to get both bathrooms torn apart and drying all in one day. Then SURPRISE!  All I heard was "Wait, Oh Shoot Close that door!"  and just like that we were moving out again. 

Black Mold behind the kids bathroom vanity. Just like that we were finding a hotel room with a kitchen for an extended stay and out the door. While they have worked all day (and the guys installing the new fence too YAY!!) we still have not found the end of the mold issues in the kids bathroom, and our hopes of moving back in Tuesday have disappeared. The latest is that they will be removing the bathtub enclosure on Sunday and HOPEFULLY starting remediation in the master bath then too! In the meantime, our home looks like a hazmat hospital with containment centers and Hepa filters and dehumidifiers running at full blast, 2 of them, one on each side of the house.   Luckily we had already found a sweet lady to board the dogs (expecting to go on vacations in the future, not for world war 3 inside our house) so the pups are safe all together and we will be modified home schooling... or I guess Hotel-schooling for a while. 

While I know the kids are breathing clean air at least now, I'm still anxious and so am taking the time to write all this down at 1AM  in the silence. I do feel very fortunate to have found the professionals that I have found to assist  with our home because feeling the support of a LOCAL company, has been a completely difference experience than dealing with a nationwide chain. My HOI guys live about 30 min away, the Service master guys do to and my general contractor for the fencing (and hopefully replacing all the flooring etc) lives in the same town as us! 

At the farm when we moved in, water was always lacking. How ironic that the issue with the new home is that there is too much?


Ill add some photos for ya once I quit forgetting my phone cord in the car.....