About Us

We are a family run and operated ranch in the heart of Greene County, GA. We raise goats, horses, registered Scottish Highland Cattle, chickens, turkeys, quail, ducks, German Shepards, bees, Silver Fox rabbits, pigs and our family here on the property. Our goal is to live as self sustainably as possible and teach others of its importance. We value the importance of our community and firmly believe that if there is a product that we do not make or grow ourselves, that it is our responsibility to support other small businesses around us. One of our favorite ways to do this is with our farm fresh eggs, chicken, beef and homemade mead!

Our lives are centered around our animals that we love to have. We have ducks and chickens that free range to maintain the bug level and fertilize, but are more funny to watch in their daily activities than we worry about them "doing their job". We hand milk our goats and the milk is used in our delicious caramels, soap and shampoo bars. 

We pride ourselves on scratching a living from the land and sharing our knowledge and passion with others. We are working towards breeding and raising animals that are known to be threatened or endanger on the Livestock Conservancy list. So far, the breeds we have had the privilege to raise are the Scottish Highlands, Silver Fox Rabbits and Plymouth Barred Rock chickens.

We are VERY excited to be a part of the revival of Wife Swap that aired on the Paramount Network on May 23, 2019!