About Us

Until recently, our family operated a small ranch in the heart of Greene County, GA. We raised goats, horses, registered Scottish Highland Cattle, chickens, turkeys, quail, ducks, German Shepards, bees, Silver Fox rabbits, pigs and our family on the property. In order to maintain our Family First priority, we have recently moved from east to west... Georgia that is!

Our goal still is to live as self sustainably as possible and teach others of its importance. We value the importance of a local community and firmly believe that if there is a product that we do not make or grow ourselves, that it is our responsibility to support other small businesses around us. While we have downsized for the time being in animal breeds, we look forward to keeping our breed selections focused, and creating a community that supports local businesses and farmers.

We are excited to have the "extra" time on our hands, but don't worry, we have plenty of ways to fill it!  

I (Jennifer) will be homeschooling our darling son, L, and of course Baby M will be here learning as well! I am also VERY excited to have more time available for crafting. I love sewing and quilting like Grandma Carolyne and Aunt Cari, painting and of course have the cutest model for all baby outfits and gifts now too! A small flock of Barred Rocks and Silkies made the move with us, and quail that are more of pets now than livestock but will still keep fresh eggs and meat in the fridge which was my #1 requirement for the new home. 

Steven has come out of retirement and jumped back into helping families buy and sell their homes with Keller Williams in Rome, GA. I pity the agents on the other side of the transaction going against the negotiation master from California!

We are excited about our new journey and I've decided to blog about our past adventures, and daily life as well. I feel like it will be great to make into a book someday for the kiddos to read so I hope you stay tuned for whats to come!





For more information about any of our products or to discuss details for a custom order please reach out to us directly:


Email: TheBlackWoodRanch@gmail.com